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The Best Air Brake Course Specially For Calgary Drivers

If you are in search of driving logistics and commercial vehicles, then this training course is for you. The air brake course Calgary which we offer at WizDrivingSchool.ca is suited for drivers that are planning to commandeer vehicles equipped with air brakes. As per the regulation of the Canadian traffic authority, all drivers who are planning to drive heavy transports should have “Q” certifications on their driver’s license, and that is exactly what we will offer with our course.

The Desirable Training Of Air Brakes Course In Calgary

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This program has been a development in collaboration with traffic officials as well as experienced transportation specialists, who have handled vehicles geared with the latest air break tech. These professionals will be giving you a thorough rundown of the technology at hand, online, as well as give you a practical experience with vehicles equipped with these safety devices. You will be required to complete all the assessments as well as go through the regiment assigned in due course in order to pass.

Please note that our course complies with the Canada Transport Authority specifications and is thus acceptable by all the authorities in Calgary. If you are planning to drive a truck of semi near the Alberta region as well as throughout the north-west Canada, this course is the one you should take.

Best Value For All Students Of This Course

The pricing structure of this course has been designed while keeping the driver limitations in mind. We understand that private truck transportation services are looking to get their drivers ready and working as soon as possible. Therefore, we will provide you with a speedy but thorough lesson while giving you the best prices quoted in Calgary.

Our fee structure has an extra value attached to it as we provide the transports, give you flexible hours to work in, as well as compensate for any insurance of the student vehicles. This is without a doubt, the place for up and coming companies to send their drivers to get ready to drive air brake equipped vehicles the fastest and the cheapest. Our high value package offers the following:

  • Class-A air brake training module
  • Advanced equipment maintenance and safety course
  • Endorsement of the Alberta Ministry of Transportation
  • Road tests and evaluation
  • demerit reduction course online

All lessons will be handled under the supervision of our professionals. We guarantee you the best learning experience while learning the important theory behind the air break technology as well as the upcoming breakthrough and recommendations for vehicles.

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