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Want To Learn How To Ride Bike Safely, Our Motorcycle Course Gives You The Complete Instructions With Safety

Apart from training students in driving cars, we also provide courses on safe motorcycle riding. These are designed for both novice and experienced riders, and help them avoid any unpleasant incident on the roads. Our courses combine theory with practice. While teaching you the basics of a motorcycle, we also take you to the roads where you learn everything through demonstration and practice. We believe in the security of our students, which is why everyone enrolling in this course is required to have the following things.

  • A helmet
  • Good-quality gloves
  • Leather or denim pants and jacket
  • Ankle-high boots
  • Rain gear for when it is raining
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What Type Of Bike Riding Course We Offered?

Our instructors are highly skilled motorcyclists who have gone through excessive trainings to become competent for the task of teaching you. Normally, our basic riders course consists of the following.

  • Getting acquainted with the motorcycle – You will get to know about the controls and major parts, and learn how to mount/dismount safely
  • Understanding and learning to use the friction zone properly – Inability to do so may lead you to lose control of your motorcycle
  • Learning to control a motorcycle through the proper use of clutch, throttle, and brakes – This will allow you to start and stop the motorcycle smoothly
  • Riding in a straight line – You will learn to do this in an enclosed space, so that you can understand the working of the controls properly
  • Riding along a curve – You will learn to safely maneuver around curves and change lanes
  • Distance management – You will get to learn about the proper application of brakes, and the distance that should be kept between yourself and others around you on the road
  • Overtaking – This will teach you to overtake obstacles
  • Swerving – You will learn to safely change directions in order to avoid danger
  • A practical test – This will help in assessing your learning during the course


Our motorcycle courses are quite popular, and have produced several skillful riders over time. Why don’t you join their league as well? Register now!

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