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Our Affordable And Valuable Senior Citizens Course

Wiz driving school aims at making driving a safe experience for everyone, which is why we offer programs for senior citizens as well.  Age affects everything, including your ability to drive. This is also backed up by various researches, which show that senior drivers have a higher chance of being in an accident as compared to any other age group except the under-25 bracket.

Aging affects every individual differently; some face extreme changes as compared to others. However, on a general level, it affects your reflexes, coordination, strength, and flexibility. All these changes can have a huge impact on your driving. For instance, you may face some of the following issues when driving in old age.

  • Pain in your legs can make it difficult for you to shift between pedals, causing an increase in your reaction time.
  • Inability to move your neck quickly from left to right or backwards can cause you to make errors while crossing or changing lanes.
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  • A decrease in the strength of your arms may require you to dispense more energy when trying to work the steering wheel.
  • It may become difficult for you to keep track of things around you, such as traffic signals, overtaking vehicles, zebra crossings, etc.


Even though you may be driving through your entire adult life, you are still likely to experience some trouble on the roads during your senior years. However, you need not to worry and give up on your independence just like that because we have you covered. In our program for senior drivers, we teach our students many tips to prolong their driving years, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Keep a check on your health – go for regular check-ups to get your sight and hearing checked, as these two senses are very important when driving.
  • Make sure that you get enough sleep – less sleep may cause fatigue, which can slow down your reflexes and impair your coordination on the roads.
  • Choose a vehicle that aids you in driving – for instance, go for cars that have power steering and power brakes so that you have to put in minimum effort while driving.
  • Do not push your limits – if you are unable to drive under certain circumstances, such as during night-time, do not force yourself to do so.
  • Learn to accept and act on advice – if somebody tells you that there is something wrong with your driving, then pay heed to it and attempt to improve it. Seek help if you have to.


We will go through each of your weak points in detail, and help you overcome them for good. Our coaches are skilled in making your driving adjust accordingly as you age, so you should not think twice when registering for the courses that we offer for senior citizens.

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