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Drive Freely in Winter Season By Taking Our Winter Driving Course

At Wiz Driving School, our topmost priority is to brace our students for every situation that they may face on the roads. This is why we also coach them thoroughly on how to drive in extreme weather conditions, especially during the winter season. When temperatures drop low, road conditions change as well; they are wet and slippery, and covered in snow in some areas, which makes driving quite tricky. This is why you need to know exactly how to tackle such a situation, so that you can reach your destination safe and sound.

Following are some of the tips that we teach our students pertaining to the maintenance of their vehicles during winters.

  • Make sure that your car is serviced properly – all of its mechanisms should be running perfectly.
  • Your car’s battery and its charging system should be doing their work as they should – old, worn-out batteries may not be able to provide enough energy to the engine to start when the weather is cold.
winter driving education
  • The wipers on your windscreen should be in excellent working condition – they are responsible for clearing your view, which is very important especially when it is snowing.
  • Your gas tank should always be more than half full – this will be helpful when you are stranded somewhere due to bad weather conditions, and need to turn on your engine to heat up the inside of your car.
  • Your windshield washer reservoir must always be full – this is especially useful on snowy days when you want to clean your windscreen often for improving visibility.

Providing Tips and Tricks To Drive Safely In Winter Season

Apart from maintaining and knowing your vehicle, you should also be able to make wise decisions while driving during winter. We teach our students many tricks in this regard, some of which are as follows.

  • Turning on the AC and rolling down the glass of your window can help in defogging the windscreen.
  • Do not accelerate your car when turning a corner to avoid skidding.
  • Make sure that you always have your eyes on the road – paying attention is the key.
  • Spacing is very important – make sure to be at a safe distance from the vehicles ahead of you so as to avoid having to apply brakes abruptly.
  • Keep practicing alongside an experienced driver – this works wonders especially when you are learning to drive.
  • Consider investing in snow-tires if you live in an area where it snows heavily for months.


If you care to learn more in this regard, then join us today, and become a pro at driving in extreme weather conditions!

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